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As a member of Dirt Road Organics Buying Club, Member is entitled to obtain food and products provided by Dirt Road Organics Buying Club’s sources and fellow members. By checking the box below, Member agrees to the following:

1. Dirt Road Organics Buying Club

Dirt Road Organics Buying Club is a members-only, private food club.

Dirt Road Organics Buying Club facilitates members buying products in bulk directly from local and regional farmers, local to international companies, sometimes at discounted prices, though this is not the primary goal. Orders are placed with sources based on orders made by members or member requests for stock to be kept in Dirt Road Organics Buying Club’s storage room. No other services are expressed or implied with this membership. All transactions are directly between the members and Dirt Road Organics Buying Club’s sources.

Dirt Road Organics Buying Club is not a business and does not resell products. Dirt Road Organics Buying Club members own all products and items as soon as they are released by the source or farm. Thus, members bear all liability for anything they have ordered and for the club's stock kept on behalf of members as soon as it is shipped and anything that is stored on hand on behalf of members at the pickup site.

Dirt Road Organics Buying Club is not licensed or approved by any federal, state or local agency.

Dirt Road Organics Buying Club does not endorse or promote products or practices. However, members often discuss information about the products, their use, and preparation with each other.

2. Dirt Road Organics Buying Club Goals and Policies

Member agrees to abide by the goals and policies outlined in the Dirt Road Organics Buying Club Goals and Policies document. Members should read this document as well.

Members agree to abide by the club’s currently set DAYS and HOURS of pickup and drop locations, as given on the member website or via email or by an administrator or drop location coordinator. Members understand that they must pick up during these set hours, or send someone to pick up on their behalf if they are unable to do so themselves.

Perishable items that are not picked up during appropriate hours will be charged to the member’s account and forfeited. Member understands that they must bring payment to pickup if pickup will cause their account balance to become negative.

3. Volunteer Commitment

Members are encouraged to volunteer and take part in the various club activities and service opportunities.

Members are also encouraged to help with picking up orders that farmers are unable to deliver on an “as able to basis” (some members have more interest and flexibility than others in this area, and we ask that members who are able to help control costs and logistics for the whole group, so that each member can contribute according to their gifts, abilities, interests, and travel schedule!)

Member will actively support the goals of the food club, as s/he sees fit. This could include sharing information in club social media groups, going to the local farm to help butcher chickens, or writing a letter to Congress supporting legislation in favor of small farms, or for some just feeding their families good food. Each family should do what they can do.

The administrators for the buying club may grant exemptions from volunteering to certain members as they see fit – this can be because of physical illness and financial hardship occurring at the same time or other such circumstances.

4. Dues

There are currently no membership dues required to participate in Dirt Road Organics Buying club, however the Dirt Road Organics, LLC administrators reserve the right to institute a membership dues schedule in the future.

5. Prepayment, ownership, inactivity

When a member places an order, member agrees to pay for orders before the order arrives for pickup. Remember, the club does not sell things, we order things for members using each members money.

Cash is accepted at order-pickup, to purchase extra items, on a limited basis.

Member agrees that if they elect to use cash, they forfeit the ability to contest their record books if they feel the books are in error with a cash pre-payment.

For members in financial need, Dirt Road Organics, LLC (hereinafter, “DROLLC”), may reduce or waive the prepayment requirement. This is decided on a case by case basis by the DROLLC administrator(s). Such members are still required to never have a negative balance in their buying club account.

All items when released by the farmers or when in the buying club room are owned by the membership of Dirt Road Organics Buying Club. Thus, if at any time something happens to the items (theft, raid, or any other act that results in the loss of items and product in the room), this loss is charged to the membership of Dirt Road Organics Buying Club and is solely the responsibility of its members.

Dirt Road Organics Buying Club does carry liability insurance to protect the room stock and members.

6. E-mail, Electronic Delivery, and Digital Privacy

Member will use a personal e-mail account if possible (not work e-mail account) for all Dirt Road Organics Buying Club activities.

Members agree to receive their records ELECTRONICALLY, primarily by accessing them on the group’s website, or on occasion receiving them through email if the administrative team has reason to utilize emailing various records, both individual or buying club wide reports or records, to a member(s). Members desiring paper copies of any records will pay both the cost of printing (.25/page) and labor for printing ($60/hour).

No cross-posting on other sites is allowed without expressed permission from the author and Dirt Road Organics, LLC, whether it is information in an email, the facebook group, or any other medium utilized by Dirt Road Organics Buying Club and DROLLC to communicate with members (hereinafter, “DROBC”).

7. Missed Pickup

Members are required to pick up items the week they arrive at the club. If a member misses pickup, their account will still be charged but the items will be forfeited. In cases of an emergency, the administrative team will try to accommodate members.

8. Liability Waiver

Member voluntarily releases, forever discharges, and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Dirt Road Organics Buying Club and DROLLC and any individual in Dirt Road Organics Buying Club and DROLLC from any and all claims for damages to Member, Member's person, or Member's property.

Member agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Dirt Road Organics Buying Club and DROLLC and any individual member of Dirt Road Organics Buying Club and DROLLC in connection with any transactions or spoken words, suggestions or assistance in any way regarding nutrition, health, and healing.

Member acknowledges that s/he is completely responsible for any damages by anyone, including but not limited to children, friends, family acquaintances, or individuals brought by the Member. (e.g. If someone damages a lamp at the host site, they offer to have it fixed or replaced)

Member understands s/he has waived his/her right to maintain a lawsuit against Dirt Road Organics Buying Club and DROLLC and any individual in connection with Dirt Road Organics Buying Club and DROLLC.

Member acknowledges s/he has had sufficient opportunity to read this entire document and has read and understood it, and s/he agrees to be bound by its terms.

Member understands and intends that this assumption of risk, waiver, and release be binding upon the Member's heirs, executors, and administrators and assigns and includes any and all children.

Member acknowledges and agrees that should Dirt Road Organics Buying Club and DROLLC and any individual in Dirt Road Organics Buying Club and DROLLC or anyone acting on their behalf be required to incur attorney's fees and costs to enforce this agreement, that the Member in connection with the action agrees to indemnify and hold them harmless for all such fees and costs.

9. Self-education

Each Member is responsible for his/her own self-education and learning how to use the products and member agrees to take full responsibility for his/her own health, health choices, and food choices.

_____10. Non-disclosure Agreement

Member agrees that by joining Dirt Road Organics Buying Club you state that s/he is not an undercover employee, agent, or contractor of or for any federal, state, or local government agency. Any transaction, communication, or observations by him/her and/or anyone with Member cannot be reported or communicated in any way to any federal, state, or local government agency, employee, agent, or contractor, nor used in a court of law against Dirt Road Organics Buying Club or DROLLC or any Member of Dirt Road Organics Buying Club or DROLLC, or any farm affiliated with Dirt Road Organics Buying Club.

11. Continuation and Termination

Membership renews for ALL current members on January 1st of each calendar year, and all current members, regardless of activity, will be charged their yearly, non-refundable dues if such dues, at that time, have been authorized by DROLLC. If a member does not want to be charged a member must contact DROLLC before December 25th of the previous calendar year.

Updates to the member agreement can be made at any time by DROLLC.

Dirt Road Organics Buying Club and DROLLC reserve the right to terminate and may terminate the membership of any member at any time for any reason. Most likely, this would be for failure to abide by this agreement or by the goals and policies of the club.

Dirt Road Organics Buying Club reserves the right to terminate all functions and activities of the club at any time without notice and without reimbursing any membership dues, if any such dues exist at that time, to any members. Member account balances will be a. refunded via check or b. used up via the ordering and pickup of items. In this situation, method b. will most likely be employed by DROLLC to return remaining funds to members.

Member can terminate his/her membership at any time and for any reason. Membership dues, if any such dues exist at that time, will not be reimbursed. A member’s buying club account may either be a. refunded via check or b. closed by ordering and pickup of items. Normally, either method is acceptable but DROLLC may, at their discretion, require method b. if the group lacks sufficient reserves to refund a member’s account via check.

Before a member’s account can be refunded and released, any outstanding orders will be deducted from their balance, along with charges for any outstanding items (such as milk bottles) or fines and fees.

12. Sales Tax

Individual members are responsible for any sales tax incurred by their ordering of non-food items. DROLLC will provide members with yearly ordering records and any additional information necessary for members to have accurate information to properly account for their incurred personal sales tax. For in state sales on non-food items, DROLLC will seek to ensure that sales tax is assessed by the company at the time or purchase on behalf of the group.

13. Billing and Administrative Services

All administrative, ordering, record-keeping, and other organizational services for Dirt Road Organics Buying Club are handled by Dirt Road Organics, LLC.

DROLLC also performs farm audits, farmer and member education, and other services to benefit the members of the club and its sources as it sees fit and has opportunity.

In order to be a member of the group, all members hereby agree to use DROLLC for the above purposes. DROLLC adds a fee on to all orders in order to cover the group’s expenses (insurances, space use, travel, etc.) and the cost of its services to the group and its members.

14. Farmer Members

There are currently no dues for “Farmer” members, but DROLLC may choose, in the future, to create a dues system for “Farmer” members.

The DROLLC administrator(s) will determine who qualifies as a “farmer” member on a case by case basis. For instance, some members, while not living on a farm, work for farmers full-time and thus already have access to a large amount of their food from a farm and thus qualify as farmers.

15. Dirt Road Organics Lease Arrangements

Dirt Road Organics Buying Club engages in a number of lease arrangements with local farms to provide particular foods to members. These lease arrangements involve ownership of animals or ownership interests in animal operations.

All members of Dirt Road Organics , since these arrangements are made with the Dirt Road Organics Buying Club as a whole, are automatically covered by these arrangements when they join Dirt Road Organics Buying Club.

While all members are automatically included in these arrangements, not all members desire to access these particular foods. Thus, DROLLC ensures that only members who actually choose to get these foods (such as raw milk) are assessed any applicable portion of lease fees and other charges associated with these particular items.

16. Forfeiture

A member whom, without notice, no longer makes use the buying club will be contacted by the retained club administrative team after a period no less than three months of inactivity.

Member will be contacted no less than twice, either by email or by telephone.

If no response is given after six months of inactivity and at least two attempts to contact Member, Member’s buying club account will be forfeited and their access to the website and club revoked.

Member may rejoin Dirt Road Organics Buying Club at any time by paying any applicable membership dues and signing the current member agreement and creating an account that complies with the terms of this agreement.

I accept the terms of service